Ali An Artist Both In & Out of the Ring

By Jason Klein

As Seen in In New York Magazine  – 1/17/12

He could no longer float like a butterfly, but his stinger was still just as sharp.

Muhammad Ali was at the Steiner Sports Corporate Offices in New Rochelle, New York to tattoo his coveted signature on a slew of rare collectables.  His body had already endured two decades of physical decay at the hands of Parkinson’s Disease, but his creative mind was still focused.

“The Champ” inked his name on photos and red Everlast gloves with devastating consistency, one after the next, like throwing jabs in the ring.  Once an outspoken showman, he then sat quietly in the Steiner signing room, head down, hard at work to finish the task at hand.

Ali Turns 70 Years-Old Today

His autograph instantly transformed each item into a sought-after keepsake, destined to sell for a couple thousand dollars each.  However, what Ali did next was priceless.

During a lull in the action, while others in the room conversed on a break, Ali got his legendary hands on an ordinary piece of cardboard.  It was part of a brown shipping box some of the photos had come in.  He then picked up a sharpie off the table.  “The Greatest of All-Time” had something cooking.

Always innovative with his words, at that moment, Ali let his imagination run wild with each pen stroke.  He drew a square in the center of his makeshift canvas, and then began to make hundreds of tiny dots.  He surrounded his square with these dots, pelting the pen to cardboard like rain drops landing on a windshield.

When he was done, he carefully drew two tiny figures inside of his box.  He took a moment to reflect upon his masterpiece before putting pen to cardboard one last time to sign his name at the bottom.  Ali peered up and saw looks of amazement from Steiner employees there to conduct the signing.

The greatest fighter in the history of boxing had just personally illustrated one of the greatest collectibles in the history of memorabilia.  He had drawn his own interpretation of a championship boxing match – the square was his ring, the dots were his cheering crowd, and the figures in the box were his fighters.  It was brilliant.

Not realizing the magnitude of what he had done, “The Champ” left the unique piece of artwork behind after his signing was completed.  A one-of-a-kind, it was hologramed with a Steiner Sports seal and sold to a private collector.

Like the artist himself, the sketch was without peer.  It was an intimate peek into one of the most unique minds the sports world has ever known, that of a man that turns 70 years-old today.

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Shonn Greene & Ray Rice Meet & Greet Scheduled for March 7

By Jason Klein

Originally Written For The Official Steiner Sports Blog – 2/16/11

Are you ready for some football…in March?

Why wait until September to talk football?  Pitchers and catchers may be reporting to camp this week, but Steiner Sports is preparing for an unforgettable evening featuring two of the bright, young runners in the NFL today.

Meet Greene & Rice on March 7!

On Monday, March 7, a limited group of people will be talking football and enjoying time withShonn Greene of the New York Jets, and Ray Riceof the Baltimore Ravens.  The event will take place in New Rochelle, NY at the Steiner Sports Corporate Headquarters.

Greene’s tough, bruising running style and Rice’s quick, elusive feet have made these two studs invaluable parts of their respective teams, keeping them on top of the competitive AFC.  These two backs figure to be among the league’s elite for the foreseeable future – this is an opportunity to pick their brains and hear their stories.

This event will be limited to just 100 people (50 total packages of 2) and each package will take home mini helmets or photos signed by each athlete.  Plus, fans in attendance will have the chance to take pictures with both players, enjoy food and beverages, and tour the world famous, Steiner Sports facility.

In 2011, the Jets and Ravens will no doubt be competing for a spot in Super Bowl XLVI.  Before they begin that journey, they’ll be headed to New Rochelle on March 7th for an unforgettable “chalk talk” with fans.

Are you ready?

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Mariano Rivera Meet & Greet Scheduled for February 7

By Jason Klein

Originally Written For The Official Steiner Sports Blog – 2/1/11

Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” might not be playing, but everyone will know when Mariano Rivera enters the room.

On Monday, February 7, the greatest closer in the history of baseball will be meeting and greeting fans at the Steiner Sports Corporate Headquarters in New Rochelle, NY.  Rivera commands a room just as well as his cut fastball, and will have the lucky audience captivated with his pinstriped stories.

Want to Meet Mariano Rivera?

A 5-Time World Series Champion and 10-Time All-Star, Rivera’s legendary career with the Yankees is mind-blowing.  At age 41, he has shown no signs of slowing down, and has remained at the top of his craft for over 15 years.  He is currently just 42 saves behind Trevor Hoffman on the all-time saves list, a number he could potentially pass in 2011.

During the hour-long event, Rivera plans to recount his past successes and entertain questions from fans. After posing for photos with those in attendance, fans will receive a special limited edition photograph, signed and inscribed specifically for the event.  Restricted to just one hundred total people, this unique opportunity to spend time with the future Hall of Famer is not to be missed.

Among the most intimidating pitchers of all-time, Rivera is warm and respectful in person, reinforcing his place in the hearts of Yankees fans.

Raucous crowds welcome him nightly in the Bronx.  When the Sandman enters the room on February 7, he will have the audience silent, in awe, hanging on his every word.

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Steiner Sports Did it Again in Twenty-Ten!

By Jason Klein

Originally Written For The Official Steiner Sports Blog – 12/22/10

The 2010 Steiner Sports year moved faster than Brett Gardner beating out an infield single.

After an historic 2009 at Steiner Sports, the company had a lot to live up to in the first year of the new decade.  The previous year saw Steiner Sports move to a new facility, make available artifacts from the original Yankee Stadium, and develop a new line of exclusive product to commemorate the 27th World Series Title in Yankees history.  How would 2010 stack up in an encore performance?

New Partnerships

The New Year began with a “Giant” announcement.  In January, Steiner Sports informed collectors and sports historians of their plans to offer a new line of collectibles from the soon-to-be demolished Giants Stadium.  The 2010 NFL season would see the Jets and the Giants move into the New Meadowlands Stadium, vacating their previous home across the parking lot.  Similar to their efforts at the original Yankee Stadium, Steiner Sports offered one-of-a-kind artifacts from the old Meadowlands, including seats, seatbacks, stadium signage, sod from the field, and pieces of the goal posts from each end zone.  Both Jets and Giants fans relished the opportunity, snatching up Meadowlands memorabilia at a record pace.

Meadowlands Seats

2010 also saw the World’s Most Famous Collectible Company partner up with the World’s Most Famous Arena: Madison Square Garden.  With MSG set to undergo renovations over the next few years, Steiner Sports began offering unique pieces of the building for fans to add to their collections.  In addition to physical pieces of the building hitting the market, including pieces of the court and arena signage, game used items from the Knicks,Rangers Liberty also became available.  Fans were able to scoop up game used uniforms, basketballs, pucks, sticks, and clippings from the basketball nets and hockey goals.  These unbelievable items are all available on the Steiner Sports website and inside MSG during Knicks and Rangers home games.

The Dirt

In previous seasons, Steiner Sports had developed a line of product offering actual infield dirt from Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, and Wrigley Field.  In 2010, Steiner Sports got down and dirty with all 30 Major League Baseball Stadiums.  A team of Steiner Sports Product Development specialists created an entire line of memorabilia, released in April 2010, that incorporated Certified Authentic, game used field dirt from every stadium in baseball, giving fans of all teams a “field pass.”

The new line, approved and authenticated by Major League Baseball, included team logo crystals, key chains, stadium and player plaques, ceramic coasters, and 11×14 collages – all containing a capsule of field dirt.  A line of “In the Game” collages were also developed – a unique 20×24 player collage with actual stadium dirt sprinkled on the photo.

Due to favorable pricing, the MLB dirt collection was a popular choice for holiday gifts, and in corporate incentive programs around the country.

The Padded Seats

In an unprecedented move, Steiner Sports temporarily adjusted the price on a pair of padded, championship-level Yankee Stadium Seats, giving fans the opportunity to “Take a Seat in History” at an exclusive price.  The comfy blue seats had listed for $1,750 at their original release, but were discounted, for a limited time, at a price of just $999.

The response was overwhelming.  Yankees fans, and baseball historians alike, reserved their piece of history, for display within their sports rooms or office.  This rare collectible currently remains at the reduced price of $999, and will remain there through the holiday season.  All other pairs of authentic Yankee Stadium seats remain at their original retail price.

The Events

Steiner Sports Clients were treated to a wide array of athlete Meet & Greet opportunities in 2010, both within the confines of their Corporate Offices, and their retail and Last Licks locations.  Fans got up close, and personal with an impressive “who’s who” list of athletes including Eli ManningAmar’e StoudemireDavid Wells, members of the 1977/1978 Yankees,Vinny TestaverdeJoba ChamberlainDustin KellerJim LeonhardJay FeelyMagic JohnsonBrian CashmanHakeem NicksMark Teixeira, and Nick Swisher, among others.

Jets Event With Leonhard, Feely & Keller

Live Meet & Greets, and the ability for customers to interact with athletes, is a trend that is sure to continue in 2011.

More Digital Interaction

2010 saw the world become more connected through the use of popular social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.  As they so often do, Steiner Sports led the way in the sports memorabilia industry, connecting with thousands of new fans.

Through the popular websites, Steiner Sports found a new and unique avenue to connect with customers and sports fans, publicizing upcoming events and signings, running daily contests, promoting new product, and even sparking heated and passionate sports debates.  It also gave fans a new forum to speak directly to the company, often expressing their interest in the industry or requesting information about athlete signings or products listed on

Individual Steiner Sports Sales Representatives also joined the party, creating their own Facebook and Twitter accounts, giving their clients a new means to increase communication and interact on a more personal level. (Friend Jason on Facebook.  Follow Jason on Twitter).

Moving Forward

In the first year of the new decade, Steiner Sports proved, once again, that the future is bright for the leader in authentic, hand signed and game used collectibles.  There is no doubt that 2011 will prove to be more of the same.  In the New Year, Steiner Sports figures to further revolutionize the sports collectibles industry with new and exciting product and events, in an effort to bring fans closer to their heroes than ever thought possible.  If it’s happening on the field, it’s happening within the Steiner Sports corporate offices in New Rochelle, NY.

Just don’t blink.  It’s a fast-paced, ever-changing industry, moving quicker than number 11 in pinstripes.

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“5 Questions” With Bucky Dent

By Jason Klein

Originally Written For The Official Steiner Sports Blog – 12/15/10

His home run propelled the New York Yankees into the post season and helped preserve “The Curse of the Bambino.”  It also changed his life.

Bucky Dent During Answering My “5 Questions”

There’s no telling how Bucky Dent’s life would be different in 2010 had he never hit that mythical home run at Fenway Park in 1978.  During his recent visit to the Steiner Sports Corporate Offices in New Rochelle, NY, Dent addressed this topic, among others, after signing some great new collectibles for the Steiner Sports inventory.

Jason Klein: Obviously, your HR in 78 brings back a lot of good memories for Yankees fans…what goes through your head when you think about that day at Fenway?

Bucky Dent: Oh, just how important the game was, and it was just a classic game, and something that you’ll never forget because of the importance of it.  What we did in 78, as a team, coming back, to get to that situation, just the impact of the game.

JK: How many times a day does someone ask you about that home run?

BD: Probably once or twice a day someone comes up to me to talk about it.  I like to talk about it.  I think it’s fun.  It just shows you, the game itself, the impact it has.  People remembering it, that it was a one-game playoff between Boston and New York, it doesn’t happen very often.  I love to hear the stories. Confidence

JK: If you had never hit that HR, how would your life be different today?

BD: I probably wouldn’t be talking about the 78 Playoff game.  Maybe in a different way.  It’s something, as a kid, you always dream of doing, you know, hitting the big home run, and doing it in the World Series or in a big game, and you know, it all happened for me, it all came true.  I got a chance to hit a big home run and also win MVP of the World Series.  It’s just special.

JK: Which of the following, in your opinion, is the biggest home run in Yankees history?  Dent?  Chambliss?  Boone?

BD: That’s hard to say.  I always tease Chambliss about his home run.  I tell him, “I was a kid, driving down the highway, listening on the radio when you hit yours,” and he tells me, “oh, get out of here!”  I don’t know which one was the biggest.  They were all very important and they all impacted different years and different situations.

JK: How special is it to re-unite with all of your old teammates at an event like this?

BD: It’s a lot of fun, a lot of fun.  You don’t get to see these guys all the time.  When you can gather with them and be around them, and kind of, just look back at the memories.  You get flashbacks of the games that you play in and all the special moments.

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“5 Questions” With Lou Piniella

By Jason Klein

Originally Written For The Official Steiner Sports Blog – 12/9/10

During his managing days, “Sweet”

Lou Piniella was brash, animated, and at times, heated.  While visiting with fans at the Steiner Sports 1977-1978 Yankees Reunion Event, “Sweet” Lou was just sweet.

A slimmed down Piniella was excited, full of energy, and at complete peace with his decision to leave the dugout for the final time as a manager.  After signing some great new collectibles for the Steiner Sports inventory, Piniella discussed his retirement plans and addressed the possibility of a return to baseball in the future.

Lou Piniella During My Interview

Jason Klein: The 77-78 Yankees are often referred to as the Bronx Zoo.  Based on what went on those years, is that a fair nickname?

Lou Piniella: It was a very professional team.  We had our problems, off the field from time to time, maybe in the clubhouse, but when the game started, guys were very professional and played very, very well.  It was during the time when we had a lot of new characters, a lot of new players, and a lot of change.  Sometimes, it takes a while for things to settle down.  Look, one thing is for certain, the ‘76, ‘77, and ‘78 Yankees teams, especially the ‘77 and ‘78 teams, were really, really good teams.  1977 was our first World Championship and ‘78 was a repeat as World Champions, and that was the team that overcame a lot of obstacles.

JK: Who was the largest personality on those teams?

LP: We had a lot of them.  Look, we had a 1977 team that won a World Championship and we added two Hall of Famers: Reggie Jackson and Goose Gossage.  That’s quite an addition for a team over the winter.  I think, going into Spring Training, because of that, the team was probably a little over confident, had some injuries early in the year, and by the All-Star break, we were 14 and a half games back behind the Red Sox.  We had to battle out of that to repeat as World Champions.  I mean, we had Thurman [Munson], Willie Randolph, Sparky Lyle, he was a character for you, Ron Guidry, what a great pitcher, Donny Gullet, who is here, [Graig] Nettles, what a great player he was, on and on.  I can name a heck of a lot more but no, we were really professional people.  You know, did we all get along a hundred percent?  No.  But when the umpires said, “Play Ball,” We got along great, and that’s why the team won.

JK: You have been in baseball since 1964.  With your recent retirement from the Cubs, what will you miss the most about being in the game?

LP: The competition.  Putting on the uniform.  I’ve done it since 1962 on the professional level, and in 1964 I got a “cup of coffee,” I got back in 1967, 1968 and in 1969 I was up for good.  I played for 17-plus years and I managed for 23-plus years.  That’s a long time with it being part of my life.  Now, I’m going to enjoy my retirement.  Yeah, I’m going to miss the uniform, I will miss the competition, but at the same time, I’m going to really enjoy my post-playing days, enjoy my grandkids.  I’m going to be able to do things I haven’t been able to do.  Spring Training starts in February, then you go onto the baseball season which goes into October, especially when you get into the World Series and the post season, and, I haven’t had any summers.  I’m looking forward to doing things that I’ve always wanted to do.  This spring, I’ll start doing some of those things, and then into the summer, and then we’ll see, we’ll see.  My first year I think I’m going to be fine.

JK: What role could you see yourself in if you decided to come back at some point?

LP: I won’t manage again.  A consulting job for an organization, you know, I think I would have some good thoughts and some good ideas to lend, and help out any way that would be needed.  It wouldn’t be on a uniform basis at all. That part of my life is behind me.

JK: How special is it to re-unite with all of your old teammates at an event like this?

LP: You know, it’s amazing.  I played in New York for twelve years, almost thirteen, and I played with a lot of great guys.  A lot of wonderful, wonderful people.  I got to know their families, I got to know their kids, and I remember the guys on the teams that we won with a lot more than when we had not as good a team.  So, is winning important?  I think so.  But it’s great coming here, seeing all these guys, it’s been a long time.  I basically have been working, so the guys that are here, they do these shows, and have these gatherings like Old Timer’s Day, so they get a chance to see each other a lot more.  For me, it’s more of a treat because I haven’t been able to do these things because I’ve been in uniform.

According to “Sweet” Lou, putting on that uniform will no longer be an issue.

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“5 Questions” With Mark Teixeira

By Jason Klein

Originally Written For The Official Steiner Sports Blog – 12/3/10

Mark Teixeira is thirsty.

After a magical 2009 season, his first in pinstripes, his 2010 season ended abruptly, without any champagne to drink.  He suffered a season-ending hamstring injury running out a ground ball during Game 4 of the ALCS, and the New York Yankees eventually lost to the Texas Rangers in 6 games.

With Teixeira After Our Interview

This week,Teixeira walked into the Steiner Sports Corporate Offices, seemingly pain free and without any limp, ready to move forward and focus on the upcoming 2011 season.  After signing a new collection of items for the Steiner Sports inventory,Teixeira discussed a number of interesting topics including Cliff Lee’s potential future in pinstripes, Derek Jeter’s importance to the Yankees, and his thirst for another World Series championship.

Jason Klein: How has this off season been different so far, compared to 2009, coming off a championship?

Mark Teixeira: It’s been a little disappointing, you know?  When you win a World Series, every single year, that’s what you want to accomplish again.  This year we came up a little short and so this off-season is all about getting back to the World Series next year.

JK: In your first season with the Yankees, you won a World Series title.  How did the experience compare to what you expected?

MT: It was everything and more.  Being a Yankee, winning the World Series in the first year of the new stadium, my first year as a Yankee, it couldn’t get much better than that.  It was just an incredible place to be last year and hopefully these next couple of years we’ll have a few more rings.

JK: Based off your experience as a free agent in 2009, what would you tell a current free agent about the Yankees?  What would your sales pitch be?

MT: My sales pitch is that it’s the greatest place to play in the world.  The stadium, the city, putting on those pinstripes every day is magical.  I think every baseball player should be able to put on the pinstripes for just one day.  I get to do it, you know, 162 games a year, so if I was a free agent coming to New York right now, it would be such an easy, easy decision.

JK: In 2009 you beat Cliff Lee’s team, in 2010, you didn’t.  Is it more fun to compete against someone like Lee, or have him on your team?

MT: It works both ways, you know?  You want to compete against the best and you want to beat the best, but unfortunately if you lose against them, you’d rather have them on your team.

JK: You’ve only been teammates for 2 years now, but what does a guy like Derek Jeter mean inside your locker room?

MT: Derek Jeter is such a great person for our clubhouse.  He’s been there, he’s been a part of 5 Championships, he’s our captain.  Any time there’s a question, or something that needs to be addressed, Derek’s the guy to do it and he’s been doing it for years.

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Members of “Bronx Zoo” Yankees To Run Wild at Steiner Sports

By Jason Klein

Originally Written For The Official Steiner Sports Blog – 11/11/10

Deep in the heart of the ever-changing sports landscape, the Steiner Sports Corporate Office can get chaotic from time-to-time.  On Saturday, December 4, it will be a complete Zoo!

That’s when members of the 1977 and 1978 World Champion New York Yankees, affectionately referred to as the “Bronx Zoo,” will be making their way up to New Rochelle, NY to meet and greet fans at Steiner Sports.  Touting some of the biggest and boldest personalities ever to sport the pinstripes, this group of players draws a crowd wherever they go, holding a special place in the hearts of Yankees fans everywhere.

The 1978 Yankees Celebrate their WS Title.

Rightfully so.  This distinctive collection of Bombers captured imaginations in the late 1970’s, winning back-to-back Titles, the first Championships of the George Steinbrenner era.  While their World Series rings secured their place in baseball history, it was, perhaps, their colorful personalities that created lasting power with their fans, even inspiring a 2007 ESPN Drama, The Bronx is Burning.

There is no doubt, fans in attendance on December 4th will be treated to a wide-range of behind-the-scenes stories, as told by the men who lived them during the summers of 1977 and 1978.  Among those in attendance at Steiner Sports will be Ron GuidrySparky LyleChris ChamblissBucky DentGraig NettlesPaul BlairRoy WhiteWillie Randolph and Lou Piniella.

The event will be catered, Yankee Stadium-style, including the World Famous Lobel’s Steak, peanuts & Cracker Jack.  Fans can take photos with the players, participate in question & answer sessions, raffles, giveaways, and a silent auction.  In addition, special activities will be set up for children.

Those in attendance will get the unique opportunity to re-live historic moments like Reggie Jackson’s 3 home run performance in Game 6 of the 1977 World Series and Bucky Dent’s curse-preserving blast at Fenway Park during the one-game playoff in 1978.

It’s just the latest meet & greet event offered by Steiner Sports, the leader in authentic sports gifts and collectibles.  With so many great Yankees on-hand, this particular event figures to take on a Zoo-like atmosphere…minus the giraffes and elephants, of course.

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Amar’e Stoudemire To Meet & Greet Fans at Steiner Sports

By Jason Klein

Originally Written For The Official Steiner Sports Blog – 10/27/10

Madison Square Garden is the hot place to be again.  Amar’e Stoudemire is a big reason why.

With the New York Knicks 2010/2011 season staring tonight, the newly acquired Stoudemire looks to make Madison Square Garden the hottest spot in the NBA, a distinction the “World’s Most Famous Arena” once held.

New Knick, Amar’e Stoudemire

On Monday, November 1, 2010, he’ll do the same for the Steiner Sports Corporate Offices in New Rochelle, NY.  On Monday, Steiner Sports will be the place to be asStoudemire will appear, live and in person, as part of a Private Meet & Greet with local Knicks fans.  The event is being organized by Steiner Sports, the leader in authentic sports memorabilia.

Knicks fans will engage the superstar during a Question & Answer session, and have the unique opportunity to take photos with the 6’10’’ forward.  In addition, they will have the chance to go behind the Steiner Sports scenes, taking an exclusive tour of the facilities, and granted access to some of the most coveted sports collectibles in the industry.

Light food and beverages will be served throughout the evening, and fans will get to take home a piece of the actual Championship Court the Knicksplayed on during their 1973 Title Run, an artifact provided by MSG-Steiner Collectibles, a division of Steiner Sports.  In addition, Amar’e will sign one autograph per person, on their collectible of choice.

Stoudemire, a 7-year veteran and perennial All-Star, was the prized free agent the star-hungry Knicks coveted over the summer, and will be a major part of the resonance to take place on the corner of 32nd & 7th Avenue.

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Derek Jeter Kids Clinic Scheduled for January 9

By Jason Klein

Originally Written For The Official Steiner Sports Blog – 10/14/10

Many parents dream of one day watching their child play professional sports.  They envision their baby playing alongside a legend someday, perhaps someone like Derek Jeter.  For most, it’s a futuristic fantasy, extremely improbable, and unlikely.  However, thanks to Steiner Sports, it could potentially happen before they turn fourteen!

Derek Jeter at Last Year’s Clinic

On Sunday, January 9, 2011, children ranging in age from 7-14 will have the unique opportunity to take part in the 2011 Derek Jeter Kids Clinic, presented by Steiner Sports.  While Jeter will chase his 6th World Series Title this season, he will take time in early January to work one-on-one with a hundred lucky children in New York City.

Kids will rotate between five individual stations, working on hitting, fielding, pitching and base running. Joining Jeter at this once-in-a-lifetime event will be teammate, and Yankees Centerfielder, Curtis Granderson.  This dynamic duo will also participate in an exclusive question and answer session following the clinic.

Parents will be on hand to experience the day alongside their little sluggers.  They are encouraged to snap hundreds of photos and bring camcorders to capture the day’s events.  In addition, children will leave with a Yankees gift pack including autographed items from the players in attendance.

Throughout his legendary career, Derek Jeter has played alongside names like Rivera, Posada, Bernie, Tino, and O’Neill.  Here’s an opportunity for a select group of young ball players to add their name to that celebrated list.

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