“5 Questions” With Bucky Dent

By Jason Klein

Originally Written For The Official Steiner Sports Blog – 12/15/10

His home run propelled the New York Yankees into the post season and helped preserve “The Curse of the Bambino.”  It also changed his life.

Bucky Dent During Answering My “5 Questions”

There’s no telling how Bucky Dent’s life would be different in 2010 had he never hit that mythical home run at Fenway Park in 1978.  During his recent visit to the Steiner Sports Corporate Offices in New Rochelle, NY, Dent addressed this topic, among others, after signing some great new collectibles for the Steiner Sports inventory.

Jason Klein: Obviously, your HR in 78 brings back a lot of good memories for Yankees fans…what goes through your head when you think about that day at Fenway?

Bucky Dent: Oh, just how important the game was, and it was just a classic game, and something that you’ll never forget because of the importance of it.  What we did in 78, as a team, coming back, to get to that situation, just the impact of the game.

JK: How many times a day does someone ask you about that home run?

BD: Probably once or twice a day someone comes up to me to talk about it.  I like to talk about it.  I think it’s fun.  It just shows you, the game itself, the impact it has.  People remembering it, that it was a one-game playoff between Boston and New York, it doesn’t happen very often.  I love to hear the stories. Confidence

JK: If you had never hit that HR, how would your life be different today?

BD: I probably wouldn’t be talking about the 78 Playoff game.  Maybe in a different way.  It’s something, as a kid, you always dream of doing, you know, hitting the big home run, and doing it in the World Series or in a big game, and you know, it all happened for me, it all came true.  I got a chance to hit a big home run and also win MVP of the World Series.  It’s just special.

JK: Which of the following, in your opinion, is the biggest home run in Yankees history?  Dent?  Chambliss?  Boone?

BD: That’s hard to say.  I always tease Chambliss about his home run.  I tell him, “I was a kid, driving down the highway, listening on the radio when you hit yours,” and he tells me, “oh, get out of here!”  I don’t know which one was the biggest.  They were all very important and they all impacted different years and different situations.

JK: How special is it to re-unite with all of your old teammates at an event like this?

BD: It’s a lot of fun, a lot of fun.  You don’t get to see these guys all the time.  When you can gather with them and be around them, and kind of, just look back at the memories.  You get flashbacks of the games that you play in and all the special moments.

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