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By Jason Klein  

Originally Written For New York Yankee Legacy Magazine – October 2010

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Quick Year is a Memorable One at Steiner Sports

By Jason Klein

Originally Written For The Official Steiner Sports Blog – 12/24/09

“Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Those words, once spoken by Matthew Broderick in the 1986 hit “Ferris Bueller,” couldn’t be more apropos when thinking back on 2009 at Steiner Sports.  It was a year that had Steiner Sports employees’ heads spinning with activity and customers’ heads turning with curiosity and intrigue.  Though it flew by, it was a challenging, yet rewarding campaign, filled with moments and achievements that revolutionized the sports collectibles industry…again.

The final year of the “double zeros,” the “oughts,” or however one chooses to refer back to this decade, saw Steiner Sports prosper through three defining moments in company history, events that changed the way the company functions, and further developed the way sports fans collect memorabilia.

The Move

In recent years, Steiner Sports has developed relationships, and partnerships with some of the most successful organizations in professional and collegiate sports.  The company currently provides exclusive access to game used collectibles from the New York YankeesBoston Red SoxDallas Cowboys, and Notre DameAlabamaNorth Carolina, and Syracuse Universities.  The growing roster of partners, presented a growing inventory for a growing company occupying, what seemed like, a shrinking warehouse.

In an effort to satisfy the company’s need for more space, Steiner Sports moved into new digs in March.  Just like their pinstriped partners in the Bronx, the company shifted across the street into a new venue, better equipped to handle their needs in an ever-changing marketplace.  The move has been a positive one for all parties involved.  The state-of-the-art facility has allowed the company to function more efficiently, better serving loyal customers – many of whom made the pilgrimage over the last nine months to check out the new place.

The Seats

In 2009, Steiner Sports urged all Yankees fans and baseball historians to “Take a Seat in History.”  In May of 2009, the company announced plans to offer authentic seats, and other stadium artifacts including sod,monument park bricks, and foul pole pieces, from the original Yankee Stadium.  A flurry of activity ensued.  Eager fans were able to gobble up pieces of the historic stadium, scooping up whatever relics became available.  Owning an actual piece of Baseball’s Cathedral was an opportunity that few fans passed up on.

In addition, Original Yankee Stadium memorabilia was on display throughout the Inaugural Season inside the Great Hall, courtesy of Steiner Sports.  The Yankees-Steiner Collectibles Store flourished inside the Stadium too, giving fans insider access on game days.  Throughout the season, Steiner Sports employees were on hand to meet fans, and explain the unique line of items pulled from the “House That Ruth Built.”

What an unbelievable season it was too!  The Yankees broke in their new quarters in grand fashion!  The Greatest Closer of All-Time, Mariano Rivera, converted his 500th career save in June, and The Captain, Derek Jeter, passed Lou Gehrig on the all-time Yankees hits list in September.  Both historic moments served as appetizers for October’s (and November’s) main course…

The Title

The instant Mark Teixeira squeezed the final out of the 2009 World Series, the Yankees hard work towards a 27th Championship was over.  However, the work within the Steiner Sports office was just beginning.  Commemorative collagesplaques and crystals had already been prepared weeks in advance, but the quest towards a team signed project was quickly underway.

Over the course of about three weeks in November, twenty-nine members of the World Champions made their way through the Steiner Sports office, signing everything from team signed baseballs and photos, to game usedproduct from the 2009 season.  Once again, Steiner Sports had the most complete and intriguing collection of commemorative memorabilia to offer customers, featuring an unprecedented collection of superstars – perfect timing for the upcoming holiday season.

The Future

While 2009 was a legendary year in the history of Steiner Sports, the future is bright for the innovative leader in sports collectibles and gifts.  There are many exciting announcements on the table for 2010, events that will fire up customers, and further transform the collectibles industry.  2009 was fast.  2010 will move just as quick.  Just be sure to stop and look around.  Big things are coming so pay attention!  Bueller?

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Grow Your Collection

By Jason Klein

Originally Written For The Official Steiner Sports Blog – 5/26/09

Dedicated collectors take great pride in watching their memorabilia collection grow, but the latest collectible to come out of the Bronx is unprecedented!  Yankees-Steiner Collectibles is giving Yankees fans the opportunity to own a living piece of Yankee Stadium that will be sure to grow their collection – with proper food, water and sunlight, that is.

Many considered the field at Yankee Stadium to be the most sacred turf in all of sports.  Now fans can own an actual piece of the legendary sod.  Personal pieces of pinstriped real estate can be transplanted directly from the Yankees former backyard to private homes.

Landscapers took a scalpel to the field on March 14, 2009, removing the layer of grass, one row at a time.  Throughout the 2-day process, each row was rolled up like carpet, and numbered according to which portion of the field it originated from.  After being loaded onto the back of a truck, each spiral of Yankees turf was escorted out of the stadium, to be inventoried.  Afterward, the lavish green field, once a stage performed on by DiMaggio,MantleMattingly, and Jeter, resembled a mud pit better suited for the demolition derby.

Yankees-Steiner Collectibles recommends some simple steps to ensure the relocated territory flourishes in other yards as it did in the Bronx.  Direct sunlight exposure of 4-6 hours a day is key, as is selecting a prime location free of standing water or excessive moisture.

Just like tending to any living plant, Yankee Stadium Sod will need proper maintenance.  A gentile mow once a week for the first 3 weeks is necessary, and providing ample water (1 inch per week) will contribute to a healthy lawn.  Turf fertilizing is also important, and it’s recommended to contact a landscape contractor for specific instructions, as lawn conditions vary from house to house.

Freeze-dried sod is another option available for fans looking to preserve the hallowed turf.  During this process, the “life” is literally “sucked out” of a round sod patch, measuring 3 inches in diameter.  No maintenance is required here, as the keepsake lacks any living properties.

While the freeze-dried option is great for decorating around the living room or office, transplanting actual living sod is the latest way to preserve the memory of the most celebrated field in all of sports…or, at the very least, it’s a great surface for backyard wiffle ball.

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