Grow Your Collection

By Jason Klein

Originally Written For The Official Steiner Sports Blog – 5/26/09

Dedicated collectors take great pride in watching their memorabilia collection grow, but the latest collectible to come out of the Bronx is unprecedented!  Yankees-Steiner Collectibles is giving Yankees fans the opportunity to own a living piece of Yankee Stadium that will be sure to grow their collection – with proper food, water and sunlight, that is.

Many considered the field at Yankee Stadium to be the most sacred turf in all of sports.  Now fans can own an actual piece of the legendary sod.  Personal pieces of pinstriped real estate can be transplanted directly from the Yankees former backyard to private homes.

Landscapers took a scalpel to the field on March 14, 2009, removing the layer of grass, one row at a time.  Throughout the 2-day process, each row was rolled up like carpet, and numbered according to which portion of the field it originated from.  After being loaded onto the back of a truck, each spiral of Yankees turf was escorted out of the stadium, to be inventoried.  Afterward, the lavish green field, once a stage performed on by DiMaggio,MantleMattingly, and Jeter, resembled a mud pit better suited for the demolition derby.

Yankees-Steiner Collectibles recommends some simple steps to ensure the relocated territory flourishes in other yards as it did in the Bronx.  Direct sunlight exposure of 4-6 hours a day is key, as is selecting a prime location free of standing water or excessive moisture.

Just like tending to any living plant, Yankee Stadium Sod will need proper maintenance.  A gentile mow once a week for the first 3 weeks is necessary, and providing ample water (1 inch per week) will contribute to a healthy lawn.  Turf fertilizing is also important, and it’s recommended to contact a landscape contractor for specific instructions, as lawn conditions vary from house to house.

Freeze-dried sod is another option available for fans looking to preserve the hallowed turf.  During this process, the “life” is literally “sucked out” of a round sod patch, measuring 3 inches in diameter.  No maintenance is required here, as the keepsake lacks any living properties.

While the freeze-dried option is great for decorating around the living room or office, transplanting actual living sod is the latest way to preserve the memory of the most celebrated field in all of sports…or, at the very least, it’s a great surface for backyard wiffle ball.

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