Take a Seat in History

By Jason Klein

Originally Written For The Official Steiner Sports Blog – 5/19/09

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact date, but it started sometime last summer.  The topic remained scorching hot throughout the frosty winter months.  It continues to be the number one question being asked by Yankees fans, and sports collectors alike: when are the seats from Yankee Stadium going to be available for purchase?

The wait is over!

These precious gems are starting to be unearthed, pried from withinbaseball’s cathedral in the Bronx, available for fans to take a seat in history, within the comfort of their own home.  This summer, throw some dogs on the grill, grab a beer from the fridge, and watch the Yanks while resting in an actual Yankee Stadium seat – from your living room!

Last Tuesday, May 12, 2009, Yankees-Steiner Collectibles and the New York Yankees announced the beginning of this historic opportunity, immediately giving fans the opportunity to purchase seats from the club’s former home.  The press conference set off a flurry of phone calls as thousands pounced on the once-in-a-lifetime items.

A set of seats, and other Yankee Stadium artifacts, were put on display at Gate 2 of the New Yankee Stadium and remain there for all home games.  Thousands of fans have stopped by, admiring the relics during the game – and reserving their own personal pieces of The House That Ruth Built.

If looking to purchase the iconic blue seats, it’s important to know there are many different packages available.  The first basic package gives fans the opportunity to purchase a pair of non-specific seats, not designated for regular season ticket packages.  These seats will be chosen at random and will sell for $1,500 a pair.

If fans are looking to scoop up the actual seats, specific to their season plan, the second basic package is the way to go.  For $2,000 fans can own the actual pair of seats they sat in while personally witnessing history each summer.  These fans must have their Yankees season ticket account numbers handy, and have had either a full plan, or partial plan A or B to qualify.  Seats are being sold in pairs, not individually.  Additional packages, including hand signed and game used collectibles, along with seats are also available.

To reserve a set, anxious fans won’t have to dive headfirst into a pile of seats like their Captain did in July of 2004.  Seats are available through Yankees-Steiner Collectibles via web or phone.  Each set of seats will come complete with a Yankees-Steiner letter of authenticity.

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