Ruth Built It, Now You Can Take It Home

By Jason Klein

Originally Written For The Official Steiner Sports Blog – 5/12/09

Fifty-seven thousand empty blue seats quietly rest in the Bronx.  They are the last remaining witnesses of the historic grounds.  There is a sense of tranquility inside the most decorated venue in sports.  Gone are the nightly throngs of Yankees fans anxious to greet “mystique” and “aura.”  In its place is…silence.  It is the “calm” following an 85-year pinstriped storm – a whirlwind that brought 26 World Championships to town.

True, the famous blue seats currently filling “The House that Ruth Built” are not the original occupants.  But they have certainly observed their share of history since the Stadium’s renovation in the mid-seventies.  They were there every step of the way as recent Yankees teams dynastically rebuilt themselves.  Now they will be part of history one last time as the building dramatically comes down.

It is an eventuality that draws varied emotions.  Many are sentimental about losing such an iconic stadium.  After all, change can sometimes be difficult to accept.  Still, others have embraced the team’s new digs across the street.  Ready or not, the Yankees have moved!

There will never be another game played at the original Yankee Stadium, a structure dripping with history.  Every crevice contains a valuable memento, a keepsake sparking memories to last forever.  These souvenirs are now available for Yankees fans and baseball historians alike to personally own, thanks to a joint partnership joining the New York Yankees and Yankees-Steiner Collectibles.

As the stadium is methodically taken apart, each piece will be preserved and transformed into an instant collectable.  Pieces of the clubhouse, dugout, and private offices will be available.  So too will famous stadium signage, pieces of freize, the foul poles, turnstiles, bricks from Monument Park, and yes, those fifty-seven thousand empty blue seats, each with so many stories to tell.  Throughout this exciting and unprecedented process, I will share some of them with you.

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