Derek Jeter Will Return To The Yankees. Won’t He?

By Jason Klein

Originally Written For The Official Steiner Sports Blog – 12/1/10

Attention, ladies and gentleman.  Now batting for the Rays…number 2…Derek Jeter…shortstop…number 2.

It won’t happen…will it?

Will The Yankees & Jeter Turn Their Backs on Eachother?

When the New York Yankeestake the field in 2011, in search of their 28th World Series Championship, Derek Jeter will be in the line up.  Whose line up he’s actually in remains in question.

Now batting for the Tigers

Despite the daily jabs being thrown in the papers each day, an inconceivable approach by both parties, a deal between Derek Jeter and the Yankees will get done.  No other outcome makes any sense for either side.  It will eventually get rectified.  Right?

Now batting for the Giants

The Yankees have reportedly offered Jeter a 3-year deal, worth $45 million – an annual salary of $15 million.  It’s also been reported thatJeter is seeking more years and more dollars, perhaps something in the 5-year range at $23 million per.  The discrepancy is large, but not large enough to keep the Captain from returning to his pinstriped kingdom.  Is it?

Now batting for the Dodgers

Derek Jeter has a long history with the Yankees, and potentially an even longer future.  In addition to everything his on-field play and pristine reputation have meant to the Yankees organization in the past, he is the natural successor to Yogi Berra as the ceremonial ambassador of the Yankees.  Need a first pitch thrown?  Call Derek.  Want recruiting help for future free agents?  Call Derek.  How about a spring training instructor or special advisor?  Call Derek.

There is also the possibility Jeter could pursue a future with the Yankees in a coaching, managing or a front office role.  These are all nice, warm and fuzzy ideas…assuming Jeter wants to maintain his relationship with the Bombers and leverage the immaculate image he has so carefully crafted over the years.  Leaving the Yankees could potentially tarnish his legacy with the club and alienate fans the way Brett Favre did in Green Bay.  He wouldn’t be foolish enough to do that…would he?

Now batting for the Angels

Derek Jeter has seemingly never been about the money.  He has always been about winning.  He is the face of the Yankees, and their YES Network.  He relishes his role as the Big Apple’s King, and the opportunity to play under the bright lights of New York…but on which side of the river?

Now batting for the Mets

Derek Jeter has been irreplaceable for the Yankees, a leader on the field and a true gentleman off it.  He is Mr. Intangible, Mr. November, and Mr. Yankee.  He is consistently productive and revered within his clubhouse.  He breaks records on a nightly basis and is on the verge of collecting his 3,000th career hit.  He is also 36 years-old.

Unfortunately, the track record for 36 year-old athletes signing multi-year deals is not good.  For this reason, the Yankees asked Jeter to “drink the reality potion” in November 2010.

However, the Yankees should know that with Derek Jeter wearing pinstripes, they have their best chance to drink champagne in November 2011.

Derek Jeter has stated, on numerous occasions, his desire to hear Bob Sheppard’s voice every time he steps to the plate throughout the rest of his career.  That request won’t fly anywhere else but in the Bronx.  The two sides will have to ultimately compromise and get this deal done.

Won’t they?

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