365 – A Year-Long Time-Lapse

By Jason Klein

My daughter had a question.

I had a project.

It was last November, and we were sitting together on our front deck. A blanket of orange, yellow and brown leaves covered our walkway, and she wanted to know where they all came from.

I started to explain the differences between the four seasons, but could tell her four-year-old mind was starting to drift. That’s when I took out my camera and snapped a picture of the displaced foliage.

I decided to take the exact same picture, every day, for the next 364 consecutive days.

Rather than try to tell her about the changing seasons, I figured I could show her.

Initially, my year-long project was a creative way for me to teach my daughter about nature’s seasonal personalities. It morphed into a lesson on committing to a project and seeing it through until the end.

When that end finally did arrive, I edited all 365 images into a short time-lapse video – a 3 minute and 12 second journey from November 2014 to November 2015. The results are below.

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