Talking Baseball’s Rare, Lost Interviews Found! Released on DVD!

By Jason Klein

Originally Written For Ed Randall’s Talking Baseball – 9/30/11

“Ed knows more about the game of baseball and its history than anyone I know,” says Bernie Williams, the legendary New York Yankees Centerfielder.  “His interviews through the years are entertaining and you always walk away learning something you didn’t know before.”

Baseball is a game drenched in history.  Like a sponge, Ed Randall routinely soaks up every last drop of nostalgia.

Ed Randall Releases Lost Interview Archives in 13 Disc Set.

The WFAN radio host and New York Yankees My9 postgame reporter has spent his entire career within baseball’s inner circles, putting together a resume longer than an Albert Pujols blast.  His diverse Rolodex keeps him connected to the biggest stars in the sport.  Ask anyone in baseball who knows him, and they will gush over their relationship with Ed.

From the late 1980s through the early 2000s, Randall had the unique opportunity to sit down with some of the game’s most legendary names while hosting Talking Baseball with Ed Randall, a weekly half-hour television show that aired on FOX Sports Net.  Presiding over more than 500 shows during its run, Randall got up close and personal with his subjects, delving into the controversial and personal matters other reporters wouldn’t dare touch.

His interview subjects always respected him, and felt comfortable opening up to someone so highly regarded by other players around the league.  Because of this universal feeling of admiration and ease, on Talking Baseball with Ed Randall, nothing was off limits.

For the better part of a decade, these rare television gems were in hiding, never seen after their original airdates.  After being locked away in baseball’s vault for years, Randall has decided to grant access to his treasured archives, releasing some of his most memorable interviews with some of the game’s biggest legends.

Available in team sets, notable shows include sit downs with Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Harmon Killebrew, Tom Seaver, Mike Schmidt and Yogi Berra.  Other feature interviews include Whitey Ford, Bob Gibson, Phil Rizzuto, Greg Maddux, Ernie Banks and Sparky Anderson, among many others.

These intimate conversations are captivating and endearing.  Randall successfully navigates through some of baseball’s most historic times with some of the game’s most legendary personalities.

According to Randall, the Talking Baseball collection is a must-have for everyone.

“Whether you’re a casual fan, or a real baseball historian, you’re going to learn something,” says Randall.  “I think a lot of viewers might be surprised at just how open and honest the players were with me.  You really see their personalities come out.”

Talking Baseball Volume One contains thirteen team DVDs, available as a set, or individually at  Randall plans to release more of his lost interview archives in the future.

“I’ve dedicated my entire life, and career, to the game of baseball,” says Randall.  “This Talking Baseball DVD collection truly represents my body of work, and my passion for the game.”

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