Dear Mr. Woody Johnson

By Jason Klein

Dear Mr. Woody Johnson,

Keep Rex.

Keep your players happy.  Keep your fan base happy.

Keep your team’s momentum going.

Earlier this month, you admitted you were “pretty happy with the way things were going.”  Here’s your opportunity to keep them moving in the right direction.

Keep your word.

Back in January 2013, when formally announcing Rex would stay on as coach for the upcoming season, you gushed: “…Rex Ryan is perfect for the New York Jets….I’m totally happy with Rex as head coach…I think it’s going to produce something really good.”  If anything, the last 12 months of Rex should have reinforced these positive feelings of yours.

Keep focused on football.

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You love making headlines.  You also love money and politics.  Time to finally show Jets fans you love winning football games too.  I implore you to act in the best interest of your football team here.  There’s no one better suited to lead this team than the man you already have in place.  If you don’t want him, another team will snap him up faster than Santonio Holmes can walk out on the media.

Keep Rex.

I’m a life-long Jets fan, and season ticket holder, and like most, I struggle to think of any justifiable reason to let Rex Ryan go.  He keeps your team relevant, his players believe in him, and he clearly gets the most out of the talent he works with.

This season, you sent Chef Ryan into the kitchen with ground beef and asked him to prepare a filet mignon. With a rookie quarterback and a roster loaded with less talent than a Kardashian, he was still able to cook up a 7-8 record with one game to play.  It’s a mark that tastes pretty good to Jets fans who expected a sour season from the start.

Keep our trust.

Don’t let the 2013 season come off as a charade.  Ryan has done enough to warrant an extension.  Anything less would reek of predetermined peddling behind closed doors.  John Idzik believes in competition.  No one competed harder for his job than Rex Ryan this year.

When everyone else gave up on his ability to lead, and to coach, he stayed the course.  He’s successfully squeezed juice out of the rock you threw at him, and Jets fans like myself are thirsty for more

Over the last two years, he’s won with no-name players and risen above unnamed sources.  He outlasted the circus, yet, you would be a real clown if you let go of Rex now.

As we approach the final Sunday of this shockingly successful season, please keep in mind:

Your players want him back.  Your fans want him back.

Don’t take a step backwards here.  Keep things moving in the right direction.

Keep Rex.


Jason Klein


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