Clear, Concise, Correct.

By Jason Klein

Originally Written For The Official Steiner Sports Blog – 7/13/10

Bob Sheppard carved out his legendary career speaking softly.  It was the batters who carried the big stick.  Mr. Sheppard simply introduced them on their way to swing it.

Sheppard is honored in Monument Park

In an industry saturated with big, booming voices, Sheppard preferred to quietly stick to his timeless method of “Clear, Concise, Correct” while acting as Yankees Public Address Announcer for nearly 60 years.  Yelling, screaming, and over-embellishment were never part of Sheppard’s repertoire.  Instead, he took pride in his ability to speak the English language, and properly pronounce every word he so eloquently spoke.

On Sunday, July 11, the voice Reggie Jackson once dubbed as “the Voice of God,” was silenced.  Sheppard passed away, surrounded by family, at his home in Baldwin, NY.  He was 99 years-old, just a few months short of reaching the century mark.

Sheppard’s voice was mythical, giving players and fans goose bumps with every syllable.  Though he also spent time announcing other New York area sporting events, his voice was synonymous with the House That Ruth Built.

To honor the now late, but always great Sheppard, Yankees Captain, Derek Jeter will continue to be introduced by the “Voice of God” for as long as he plays.  Since Sheppard’s final game in the booth, back in 2007, a recording has been played prior to each Jeter at bat.

It’s a simple, classy move to pay tribute to a classy individual – in other words, the clear, concise, and correct thing to do.

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