History in the Making. History for the Taking.

By Jason Klein

Originally Written For The Official Steiner Sports Blog – 10/28/09

It’s October.  The leaves are falling…that means the Yankees are on the rise.

Twenty-six times, the New York Yankees have captured the ultimate prize: a World Series Championship. Tonight they begin their mission for #27.

Derek Jeter Hand Signed 2009 World Series Jersey

Sweeping theTwins was a nice accomplishment.  Knocking off the Angels exorcized previous Post Season demons.  Defeating the Phillies in the Fall Classic will answer the pinstriped mission statement put forth every spring – be the last team standing in October.

It’s been nine years since the Yankees owned the baseball world.  In that time, fans have realized how difficult it is to win a ring, a sobering and frustrating process for many.  While the franchise has now captured 40 American League flags in their illustrious history, fans have recently learned how hard it is to convert a Pennant into a ring.

“Our customers are hungry for a Yankees World Series victory,” says Brett Schissler, Director of Retail Sales for Steiner Sports.  “Yankees fans were spoiled in the 90s, but a lot of people now realize just how difficult it is to win the whole thing, and how special this season could be.”

For the first time in 85 years, the Yankees will attempt to win a championship while playing in a new building.  They turned the trick way back in 1923, the inaugural season for the original Yankee Stadium, defeating the New York Giants 4 games to 2.  Now they attempt to make history in their new digs, officially making the “New House” a “Home.”

This playoff run is the perfect historical storm in the collectibles industry.  The most storied franchise, boasting some of the biggest names in baseball, is looking to add more hardware to their collection while attempting to christen a new ball park.  It’s a collector’s dream.

To make matters better, never before have fans enjoyed access during a championship run like they do in 2009.  The memorabilia industry has changed immensely since Bernie Williams caught the final out of the Subway Series at Shea Stadium.  The Yankees-Steiner partnership now gives fans the opportunity to own one-of-a-kind Post Season gems like game used basesbaseballs and jerseys used during actual game play – something that wasn’t possible in 2000.

Those looking to immortalize this remarkable season will have many delicious options to choose from.  Commemorative World Series items signed by players like JeterRodriguezRiveraPosada, and Sabathia, among others, were available for sale within hours of the pennant-clinching out.  Those lucky enough to attend a game in the Bronx will be able to mail their ticket in and have a personal collage created to celebrate the day.  Team signed photos, baseballs, jerseys and bats will also be available in limited quantities.

“Fans recognize the urgency here,” says Schissler.  “We’ve pre-sold a bunch of  World Series baseballs already and have long waiting lists filled with customers looking to snag game used jerseys from the [World] Series.  Everyone wants to take home a piece of history.  You just never know when something like this will happen again.”

Starting tonight, “Let’s Go Yankees” chants will fill the crisp Autumn Bronx air, Jeter will have his fist pump

locked and loaded, “Mystique” and “Aura” will make their way across the street to be in attendance.  Soak it in.  Grab something to commemorate the journey.  The last nine years prove that this sort of thing doesn’t happen every season.  This is special.  It’s history in the making.  It’s history for the taking.

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