If It’s Happening on the Field, It’s Happening at Steiner Sports

By Jason Klein

Originally Written For The Official Steiner Sports Blog – 10/1/09

Steiner Sports is always prepared.  No matter what occurs on the field, the leader in sports memorabilia and gifts is always equipped to offer a timely product assortment to its loyal customer base.  When something historic occurs, no one is quicker to go to market with the corresponding collectable than Steiner Sports.  It is this dedication to excellence that keeps Steiner Sports at the top of their game and their customers anxious to see what comes out next.

But how many Steiner Sports customers truly know the full story behind every piece of authentic memorabilia created?  According to Chris Amoroso, the Executive Vice President of Purchasing and Player Relations for Steiner Sports, the process is often overlooked.

“Our clients are very knowledgeable, but I think a lot of them don’t fully realize what goes into creating a product,” he says. “They might look at the amazing piece hanging on their wall and don’t fully understand what went into creating it for them to purchase.”

At Steiner Sports, this process begins with the Product Development Team.  Relentless preparation and creativity allow this division to fuel the collectables industry with the innovative product it demands.

This was never more evident than what transpired in September 2009.  It had been widely assumed that New York Yankees Captain, Derek Jeter, would pass Lou Gehrig as the All-Time Yankees Hits Leader – the only question was: when?  As the world waited in anticipation, the Steiner Sports Product Development Team had been brainstorming for weeks, developing new commemorative collages and engraved items for Jeter to sign.

The historic moment finally came on September 11, 2009 at Yankee Stadium. By the time Jeter reached first base safely for the 2,722nd time, the only thing missing from the new line of commemorative product was his signature.  All items had already been designed, approved by Major League Baseball, introduced to the Steiner Sales team as samples, and were ready to be introduced to market.  Yankees fans quickly benefited, scooping up new Jeter items at a record pace.

However, due to circumstance, there are times the Product Development Team must rely more on creativity and hustle than on preparation.  On August 2, 2009, Yankees Centerfielder, Melky Cabrera, unexpectedly achieved one of the rarest feats in all of baseball.  While doing battle with the Chicago White Sox, Cabrera collected a single, double, triple and home run to hit for the first Yankees cycle in fourteen years.  The next day, Steiner Sports went to market with a limited edition engraved baseballshadowbox commemorating the achievement.

According to Cristiana Salcedo, the Director of Product Development for Steiner Sports, the ability to react quickly to unforeseen events like the Cabrera cycle is what places the Steiner team at the top of the collectables world.

“No one responds faster than we do, and we always get great feedback from our customers as a result,” she says.  “What happens on the field at night directly affects what we do the next morning in the office.  It’s challenging at times, but our team is always organized and prepared.”

As long as there are games being played, and records being broken, the Product Development Team at Steiner Sports will continue their efforts to capture the moments for fans to own.  According to Salcedo, the best is still yet to come.

“We have a lot of great new items in the works to commemorate the Inaugural Season at Yankee Stadium,” she says.  “Plus, if the Yankees get on a run, and make some noise in the Post Season, we’ll really raise some eyebrows with what’s in store.”

Be Prepared.

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