With over a decade of writing experience in both traditional & social content arenas, I’m available to help you! Contact me if you need assistance with the following:


Features: Need help telling a story? I can help you generate a social media buzz with a short 300-500 word article, or captivate a more traditional audience with a meaty 1,000+ word full length feature piece. I have experience interviewing everyone from local subjects to some of biggest, most influential names in sports & entertainment. There is no story too small, or too large. If there’s a story to be told, I can do it for you.


Blogs: Today, it’s essential for you to digitally dominate your space. Search engines are attracted to fresh, relevant content. Blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your site and build the necessary credibility you need to be successful. If you are looking for help feeding your blog with original, opinionated content, intended to draw a reaction and get people talking, I can assist.

Web Copy

Web Copy: Your website, and the content that lives there, is often the first window your audience gets to look at your business through. It could define who you are, what you do, and what you’re trying to accomplish. Don’t settle for bland copy. Make a strong impression on your audience with really bold, authoritative content. I’ll help you captivate your audience and help you hit all of your message points across your entire website.

Advertising Copy

Advertising Copy: If you’re thinking of buying traditional advertising space on TV, radio, or in print, make sure you support your dollars with persuasive copy and a clear call to action. I have written ads that have appeared on WFAN, ESPN Radio, YES Network, Network TV, and inside Yankees Legacy Magazine, the New York Post & New York Daily News.

Social Media

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram give you the opportunity to stay connected with friends and family. They are also tremendous tools to help your business develop a digital brand, and earn credibility within your space. I’ll help you take full advantage of these social networks and teach you how to become a digital authority within your industry.


Resumes: A strong resume is not enough to get you hired, but if done poorly, it’s enough to prevent you from getting the job of your dreams. Your resume can be an important weapon in your job-hunting arsenal and should be treated with respect. I’ll help you avoid some common pitfalls, and help give your key experience the exposure it deserves.

Cover Letters

Cover Letters: A solid cover letter is imperative to your job search. It’s your opportunity to be different. There is only so much creativity and personality that can shine through on a resume by itself. I’ll help you write a compelling cover letter to help you get noticed, and make a strong first impression on any prospective employer.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding: As Co-Founder of 1 Degree Hire, I helped job-hunters sell the most important product in the marketplace today: themselves. I can do the same for you. Today, people are valuable commodities, and should be marketed as such. I’ll help you develop a complete, and consistent, digital identify for yourself, across all platforms, putting you in position to impress future employers, current employers, clients, friends and family.


Speeches: Nervous just thinking about that big speech? Don’t be! I’ll arm you with a knockout script based on your key message points, allowing you to deliver your speech with authority, and confidence.

Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions: Vibrant product descriptions are a great selling tool. When a customer is on the fence about your product, they start digging for information to help them make their purchasing decision. They often start with your product description. Why not attach a positive, colorful, and insightful description for all of your merchandise? I’ll help you describe your inventory and give your audience a unique look at what you’re offering.

E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing: Building your e-mail distribution list is a key component in your overall marketing strategy. Having a client, or prospect’s personal e-mail gives you unique access to their world, allowing you to maintain a presence in their everyday lives. It’s something that should not be taken for granted, or abused. I’ll help you put together an e-mail marketing strategy – one that doesn’t land you in the “automatic delete” category – and help you carry out very powerful e-mail campaigns.


Editing: No one knows your message points better than you do, but you might be having trouble communicating them properly though your writing. Whether your copy needs a major overhaul, or just some minor polishing, I can help transform your content into powerful, professional material.

Press Releases

Press Releases: If you have a formal message to communicate – one that deserves a little more attention than basic social media exposure – I can help you craft a Press Release. Whether you’re looking to spread some positive news, or trying to get out in front of a potentially unfortunate situation, a properly written Press Release could do the trick.


Brochures: In today’s digital society, there is still room for traditional, hard-copy brochures. If you’re looking to take advantage of a mailing address list, I can help you put together a dynamic brochure that is sure to capture your audience’s attention.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design: If you need a new logo, website re-design, direct mail piece, digital or traditional advertisement, product packaging, etc., I can help. I work with several experienced graphic designers who can give you the exact look and feel you want.

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